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Is this you?

  • Your achievements and pleasures fade almost as soon as they occur

  • You want to have greater influence, meaning and impact

  • You feel conflicting desires between purpose and work

  • You want to build a legacy

  • You want to feel whole despite the changes in your life

  • You want to feel a sense of fulfillment, accomplishment and energy.

  • You want a partner who is invested in your success

You're in the right place, I get you.

How I can help you

Individual Coaching

Transformational coaching for high achievers

Energy  Leadership

The missing link between ambition and achievement

Nonprofit  Coaching

Tailor made services to fit the needs of nonprofits

Business Development

Creative coaching for entrepreneurs & business leaders

What people say

"Galia knows how to identify what I can't put into words and motivate me to do something about it!"


—  Nancy M.