Nonprofit coaching

Do you want a coach who is invested in your success? 


I want to be the partner of choice for your nonprofit organization. I provide exceptional and creative service, distinguished by a global reach paired with experience and passion. 


My mission is, helping extraordinary people create AUDACIOUS IMPACT, let’s partner and do it together.

Rent Galia’s Brain

Sometimes people or organizations don’t need weekly coaching. Spend 3 hours with me, instead – in person, or over Zoom. I’ll help you solve your biggest challenges, or think more creatively than you could ever manage alone. Think fundraising, board governance or strategic planning,  I can be your creative adviser, confidante, sage for a half day. Everything is confidential and you own all the ideas we generate.

The Boardroom Bespoke Leadership Support

I’ll be your personal board of directors. The future will undoubtedly bring challenges and change and you will be prepared for it.

We begin with a private, one day Intensive (5 hours) – either in person, or on Zoom.

  • One, Energy Leadership Index (ELI) assessment

  • Two, 60-minute coaching sessions per month

  • Unlimited check ins (5-10 minute interactions) via email or text. These are used for questions, advice, pep-talks.

  • Curated resources to support your goals.

NOTE: The ELI debrief of the results is counted as one coaching session.

Looking under the Hood

An in-depth look around to assess your current situation and determine: what is working; what is not working; what resources are underutilized; what resources are missing. Using a co-creation process,  forward moving solutions are vetted to improve the organization’s movement toward agreed upon goals.

Throughout the process I model and use coaching techniques and the result is leaders begin to naturally coach their direct reports during the normal cadence of work.  The process is transparent and distributes the responsibility and accountability to all individuals.

Culture shifts begin to happen organically and people start to see themselves and others as Leaders, Learners, Facilitators, Allies and Team members. The constriction from “Boss and Hierarchy” dissipates making room for audacious and sustainable change.

Tailor made to fit your needs, 6-24 months,  minimum engagement is 6 months.

Helping others

Something In Common is a socially conscious company and I am a cheerful giver.

When you invest in yourself through my coaching you're also investing in someone else. 10 percent of every dollar I earn through coaching is donated in support of an organization you and I select together.
 "Who do you want to help besides yourself?" is just one of the questions I look forward to asking you!