7 Ways You Ruin Your Chances of Having the Love You Truly Desire

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7 Ways You Ruin Your Chances of Having the Love You Truly Desire

If you want a committed, monogamous, respectful relationship that supports you being the best version of yourself, then this is true...

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October 25, 2019


  1. When you stay in the wrong relationship you will not be available to step into the relationship you desire. Be confident enough in yourself to walk away from someone who doesn’t love you the way you want to be loved.

  1. When you try to control your partner, you will never have the relationship you desire. There is no intimacy where there is control.

  1. When you make assumptions and stop giving your partner the benefit of the doubt,  you will not achieve the relationship of your dreams. Just because something happened in the past does not mean it will happen again. Be open and adopt a curiosity about the future that includes positive outcomes.

  1. When you limit your beliefs and you tell yourself a story that limits you in some way.  We usually adopt the stories or beliefs our parents, community and culture tells us. Ask yourself, “ How true is this for me?” How could your life or love relationship be different if you believed something else?

  1. When you stay in your head, you miss the feelings and emotions found in the love you want.  Drop into your heart and try to feel your words and your actions. Imagine how your partner feels too. When you connect your mind, body and heart then the love you desire can be fully realized. 

  1. When you keep one foot out the door, you will never have the love you want. The love you desire requires you to be all in. Be fully present for the yuck and the yummy stuff and be the reason your love grows. If you want love, be love. 

  1. When you lose your own identity, dreams and goals, you will not find the love you want.  If you do not like your own company, why would anyone else? It is great being a couple, but you need to be a full person without your mate. The love you deserve supports your growth and your happiness. 

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