Five New Year’s Goals to Feel Better and Increase Attraction

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Five New Year’s Goals to Feel Better and Increase Attraction

Start small, track your progress and celebrate your wins!

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January 10, 2020


A warm smile is the universal language of kindness ~William Arthur Ward

Another New Year has begun, will it be more of the same for you? If life didn’t deliver the experiences and relationships you wished for in 2019, I have some pro-tips to make those changes happen in 2020. Bonus–these are tiny adjustments that can produce BIG results!

  1. Smile More- Smiling is linked with many health benefits including a boosted immune system, lower blood pressure and is the easiest way to let your body communicate your interest.

  2. Rest More- Sleep affects your mood, social appeal and improves your well-being through the restoration of the body, mind and spirit.

  3. Put Your Phone Away More- Be present, make eye contact, and people will be drawn to you. You won’t see your next opportunity or person if you are staring at your phone.

  4. Say Yes More– Say “yes” to experiences that challenge you. Ask yourself, “in 10 years will I regret not doing this?”. If the answer is yes then take the class, accept the date, volunteer, try for the promotion, book the vacation. Do not let fear of failure keep you from growing. Often, we anticipate the worst when we don’t know what to expect. If the worst thing that can happen will just bruise your ego, go for it!

  5. Say No More– Say “no” to the things and people who suck your time, energy and creativity.

While the list above seems trivial, it isn’t. Set a goal to do one or all five consistently for 30 days. Track your results and feel your life begin to shift.

Write it down and be specific. Google SMART goals and become your own coach.

Start small, track your progress and celebrate your wins! Do not tell yourself, “from now on I am going to smile at everyone I see”, instead write “I am going to smile at 4 people I see in the (fill in the bank-i.e. bank, grocery store, gym, office, coffee shop) today and do it.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]Want help figuring it out? Schedule a free call with Galia today. [/vc_column_text]

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