Have You Stopped Trying to Find Your Dream Relationship?

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Have You Stopped Trying to Find Your Dream Relationship?

Is quitting your worst habit?

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October 11, 2019

[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]Have you stopped trying to find your dream relationship?

In life, we need courage to quit and we need courage to continue many things.

For some people, quitting is easy, for others, it is the hardest thing to do.

Sometimes our quitting decisions change the course of our lives- when we decide to quit a job, quit smoking or end a relationship.

People with a growth mindset assess their current situation, acknowledge and accept it is not teaching or fulfilling them anymore and choose to quit in order to pursue something else that is better for them.

The problem is sometimes people quit or end relationships and do nothing. In romantic relationships, there is a great risk of becoming stuck because of self-defeating thoughts. Your inner critic can be your worst enemy. 

Many of my clients tell themselves: “they are no good people my age”; “the good ones are married”; “nobody would want to date me”; or “I like being alone”.

But this is a false narrative. My reply is “don’t give up, let’s take the first step”.

Remember all the trying and effort are increasing your chances of getting it right. Flip your script- don’t think of past relationships as failures, instead see them as lessons. Tell yourself I am going to try something else, not I am quitting.

Past experiences are only a waste of time if you don’t learn from them.

Stay the course, keep trying. The key to getting what you want is effort and trying is the only way to keep moving forward. 

If you are watching Netflix instead of going out and dating or if you are dating someone who is “okay” instead of “great” because you don’t think you will find great.

It is time to become your own cheerleader or to ask someone in your life to keep you accountable.  Take the first steps, maybe go online, join a class, or go sit in a coffee shop and talk to people.

You are not a quitter. You have value and there is someone in the world who will be better off because you are in their life. Go find the people who will see and hear the real you!

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