Bi-Weekly Race


Vision - A society where humans recognize their interconnection with one another. 
Mission - To create race conversations that will lead to inspired action, and nurture and grow friendships across racial divides- one conversation at a time. 
Values - Inclusion, Openness, Honesty, Respect, Diversity, Integrity and Friendship


My why - in the spring of 2020, a stranger recommended a book, Waking Up White by Debby Irving. 


I was captivated by the book and unfortunately saw myself in so many of the author’s personal stories. I was upset that I was learning so much so late. 


I used to think I was a helper, a friend, a do-gooder (teacher, volunteer, nonprofit fundraiser). Now, I acknowledge that my well-intended past thoughts and actions sprung from deeply seeded and biased assumptions, behaviors, spoken and unspoken beliefs - most of which I inherited from a systemically racist society, including my family and close friends. 


I want to contribute to and help others learn about inclusion, social justice and issues of equity, rather than to unintentionally continue to perpetuate and uphold patterns of racism.

Now what? How do I make a difference? How do I go from being complicit to becoming an ally, from a bystander to a change-maker?  There is a lot we can do, I am choosing to facilitate RACE Conversations. 


I am a work in progress and I get it wrong often. I am open to being corrected, taught, left out, and I enjoy shining the light on those who have been doing this work long before I woke up. 


We all have something in common. Let's discover what those things are and build bridges and hopefully true friendships -  join us for a conversation.  

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Helping others

Something In Common is a socially conscious company and I am a cheerful giver.

When you invest in yourself through my coaching you're also investing in someone else. 10 percent of every dollar I earn through coaching is donated in support of an organization you and I select together.
 "Who do you want to help besides yourself?" is just one of the questions I look forward to asking you!